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Why you should choose containers

There are many reasons to choose container structures.


Containers are more practical and useful than other structures with the advantage of being portable, fast installation and assembly.


Containers are durable to earthquakes and harsh climatic conditions. Also, it has a long service life.


Containers suitable for mass production and very economical with the advantage of fast production.

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Why Monte Group?


Monte Group - Tradition of Excellence

We have production quality certificates and a company recommended by our customers. Monte Group considers every detail for customer satisfaction. Details that are often ignored and neglected are very important to us.

Why are we different?


We do not undertake every container project. On the customer side, we do not work with projects that have not been adequately prepared, enough budgets allocated, and wrongly projected projects.


Every company is proud of its project. We are honored to show a reference to every project we produce.


We make a difference with quality and timely service beyond customer expectations.

Container Manufacturing, Sales and Service

What is container? The container is suitable for different use purposes and a modular structure consisting of 3 main layers; including metal carcass main carrier skeleton called chassis, insulation coating sometimes suitable for climate and walls with variable appearance and features according to the project. There are also doors, windows, electrical-water installations and floor coverings, according to the specifications stated in the plan, technical specification and contract. The containers we produce are connected to electricity and water in the area where they are placed and they are ready for use. The project design process for container structures is carried out by our technical office with the cooperation of technical painter, manufacturing engineer and project pricing manager.

Container structures are used for temporary shelter in times of earthquake, disaster and war. It has also been used as a container house for permanent living purposes in recent years. Container house models can be created in the desired size by single storey, two-storey and combination. All kinds of containers are offered by our company with the most affordable prices, to all our customers who need containers for sale. In addition to the standard prefabricated container types, which we have mass production of 3×7 meters and 2,4×6 meters, we produce different container sizes as per request. Container plans are designed in the desired compartments in accordance with the customer usage requirement; thus, many different container models are produced.

Our most important aim is to provide fast delivery, best price and quality products for our customers who want to buy containers directly from the owner. Before buying containers for sale, ask our company for detailed information and quotes about our advantageous prices. Container prices vary according to the dimensions, design details, materials used, labor and assembly costs of the container produced. Container prices are influenced by factors such as the chassis being galvanized resistant to black sheet or rusting, millimetres of pulp thickness, variety and quality of the materials used, extra workmanship and need for assembly. Container models have many different plans, sizes, designs and functionality. As a company, we add plus added value with our brand to the container structures we produce. According to customer needs and preferences, comfort and efficiency of products used with optional applications such as air conditioning, solar panel are increased.

Prefabricated container models are used by construction contracting companies, construction project companies, civil engineering companies to aim house, corporate housing, road construction, bridge, dam, diggings, airport, shopping center, office in sports facility construction, dinning hall, WC, shower. They could be a three-floors building site container. In our construction container production, double-heat pvc window is used as standard and has high insulation in terms of heat efficiency.

In the logistics sector, types of freight containers measuring 20 feet 2.40×6 meters, 40 feet 2.40×12 meters are used for transportation purposes. The shipping container height is 2.4 meters, and models that are about 30 cm higher are called high cube containers.

Besides different container models, we also produce panel cabins that can be used for different purposes such as buffet cabin, security cabin, sales cabin, valet cabin, bread buffet. panel kabin üretimi de yapmaktayız. Dış görünümü büyükşehirlerin görünümüne uygun, estetik yapıda, dışı taş duvar görünümlü metropol kabin ürünleri şehirlerde, insan hareketliliğinin yoğun olduğu yerlerde bekçi kulübesi, konteyner ofis with A1 class fireproof fibercement or composite siding material for different uses such as guard shack, container office in cities, where human mobility is intense.

Monte Group, the pioneer of container industry and modular construction, has gained the appreciation of its customers, suppliers and other container companies in the sector with its innovative approach to its sector. Monte Group is one of the leading container companies in Turkey in the production of functional custom design containers for different usage needs. Especially in recent years, special design container projects are often preferred by architecture offices, advertising agencies, fair and event organization firms.



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