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Living Container

Living containers are the preferred modular structures to meet the indoor area requirement quickly.

- It does not require a base, it is sufficient to be placed on a flat area.
- It can be lived in a single container and larger living spaces can be produced by combining it.
- It can be used as 2 or 3 floors by adding a ladder or platform.
- It is durable to cold, hot, snow and rain by applying isolation according to the climate of the region where the container will be used.
- A modern and aesthetic appearance can be obtained by applying different coating materials such as composite and betopan to the outer body of the container.
- The living space can be produced from sandwich panel standard prefabricated containers, as well as 20 feet-40 feet Intermodal containers can be modified to create popular architectural structures known as container house .

Although the living containers are portable structures that do not require foundations, in order to avoid future permit problems, before purchasing, the municipality where the area will be located should be consulted and informed.

Usage areas: Container house, office, cottage, villa, hotel, vineyards, residences, education center, health center, camp buildings, construction sites, emergency shelter buildings, earthquake-disaster residences, refugee places.

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