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Waste Container

Waste containers are used for temporary storage of wastes generated as a result of production in industrial facilities before they are sent to recycling facilities.

Waste containers are preferred in many different areas such as factories, industrial facilities and hospitals because of its fire resistance and protection of the environment.

The waste container is delivered ready-to-use with optional details such as electrical installation, ventilation system, leakage collection pool and drain tap, ex-proof armature and fire-resistant door.

Waste Container Products We Produce

Hazardous Waste Storage
Non-Hazardous Waste Storage
Chemical Waste Storage
Medical Waste Storage
Contaminated Waste Storage
Packaging Waste Storage
Waste Oil / Paint / Barrel Storage
Battery Waste Storage
Paper / Plastic / Metal / Glass Waste Storage
Flammable / Explosive Waste Storage
Oil Painted Cloth / Brush Waste Storage
Waste Storage with Liquid Drain Tap
Factory / Facility Waste Storage
Industrial Waste Storage
Temporary Waste Storage

Within the scope of the Zero Waste Project , we contribute to the goal of a cleaner environment with our waste storage container production.