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Professional Container Solutions

Monte Group

As Monte Group, we make living containers, dry cargo containers, prefabricated structures and we design, manufacture, assembly, modification operations, sales, import and export of modular structures.

We have successfully completed hundreds of projects for the modular structure and container needs of Turkey's leading institutions and organizations and continue to be corporate solution partners.

According to the purpose of use, project needs and budget, we can produce standard or premium products without compromising the comfort and quality of use.


The Main Product Groups We Produce

  • Construction Site Container (Dormitory, Dining Hall, Office, Dressing room, etc.)
  • Wc-Shower Container (Standard, Modern, etc.)
  • Security-Guard Container (Guard Hut, Security Point, Welcome cabin, etc.)
  • Waste Storage Container (Dangerous, Chemical, Contaminated, Medical, Oil Barrel, etc.)
  • Cafe Buffet Container (Cafeteria, Kiosk, Point of Sale, etc.)
  • Metropolitan Container (Sales office, Security hut, Taxi station, Office, etc.)
  • Container of Living (Container House, Vineyard-garden container, Social facility, Hotel, Villa, etc.)
  • Iso Container (20 feet, 40 feet, High Cube, Open Top, etc)
  • Custom Production Container (All requiring non-standard, custom design and production)
  • Modular Structures
  • Industrial Structures

Our Corporate Culture

Our main goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, employees and all our business partners and to exceed their expectations.

  • We continuously improve our products and services with pioneering and make-a-difference studies.
  • While we work hard and do our job passionately, we continue to seek perfection.
  • We produce high quality products by combining technology with quality workmanship, TSE and CE certified materials.
  • World class product production, just-in-time product delivery and one hundred percent customer satisfaction is our first priority.


To be the number one company in Turkey in the sector we serve.


To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, employees and all our business partners.

Our Values

  • Customer focus and confidence
  • Solidarity and Happiness of Stakeholders
  • Creativity and Excellence
  • Respect and Sensitivity
  • Honesty and Transparency
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Competition and Justice

Social Responsibility

We donate 1 seedling to the Tema Foundation on your behalf for each product we produce in order to leave a more livable world for future generations.

Quality Certificates

Monte Grup ISO14001-2004 Belgesi
Monte Grup OHSAS 18001-2007 Belgesi
Monte Grup Marka Tescil Belgesi