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Custom Production Container

Custom design containers are non-standard containers produced in the desired plan, size and appearance according to your demand.

We are a solution partner in the production of non-standard custom design containers that companies need to use in their projects in various sectors such as engineering companies, advertising agencies, event organization companies, architectural offices, building companies.

We can make the following applications optionally depending on the project requirement.

– Rock wool, glass wool, eps panel, polyurethane filled sandwich panel insulation options
– Painting to the desired color, fire-resistant retardant paint options
– Automatic blinds,
– Automatic or manual awning options
– Automatic or manual hydraulic systems,
– Ground reinforcement,
– Ex-proof installation
- Door in different sizes with option such as aluminum door, glass door, steel door, panel door, photocell door, sheet door
– Mineflo, laminate flooring, diamond sheet, betopan, epoxy floor options
– Aluminum, PVC, wood patterned, reflective mirror glass, sliding, sash window options
– Vent, fan, transom and air conditioning options
– Fire damper, fire alarm and fire extinguishing as an options
– Electrical installation, socket, switch and lighting options for determined area upon request
– Aluminum composite, wood, alicobant, betopan, yalpan, taconite, fibercement or siding coating options
– Heating and cooling options according to the desired temperature
– Console and cabinet options according to your needs
Our options are unlimited as per your budget.